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 Kent County Aeromodelers, Inc., is a club formed for the purpose of "Fly for Fun". It is a non-profit organization, which falls under IRS Tax Code 501(c)(7), chartered club number 198 by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). The primary objective of the club is to foster and promote the design, construction and flying of radio controlled model aircraft. It is also the objective of the club to promote flying improvement by each member.

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Kent County Aeromodelers sponsors road clean up on Mahans Corner Road and we support the local community through various programs, including but not limited to, Toys For Tots, and the Home of the Brave. We are open to the public and visitors are welcome. Flying usually takes place every weekend (weather permitting) and those interested in the RC Airplane hobby are urged to make a visit to the beautiful flying field.


KCAM Spring Picnic & Fun Fly #1

This Sunday will be the clubs annual spring picnic. Bring your favorite covered dish and the club provides burgers, dogs and soda. Also, the first fun fly of the year will be after the picnic. Bring your favorite fun fly plan out and have some fun with a little bit of competition thrown in. The fun fly is scheduled to start at 1:00PM at the Beautiful Sandtown Flying Field. All members are welcome to enter the event, and there are CASH PRIZES AWARDED!!!

Looking forward to seeing your smiling face at the Flying Field this SUNDAY!

Control Line Flying

Congratulations to everyone involved with getting the details worked out around the clubs forray into control line flying. All members present for the 6/3/2014 Club meeting mustered enough votes to approve control line flying at the beautiful sandtown flying field. If anyone was interested in exploring this aspect of the hobby, you now have a place to enjoy the sport of control line flying.

Spring Has Sprung

It was a great day out at the KCAM flying field, warm clear blue skies but we still had a stiff breeze. Reagan brought out his new Blohm & Voss BV-141B. This was Germanys asymmetrical observer plane that is quite "unique" looking. After a few taxi runs Reagan hit the throttle to take it up but the prop was hitting the ground as soon as the tail lifted and it ended up flipping over. There was any damage but Reagan is going to change the prop to a smaller diameter 3 blade and perhaps put some larger wheels on it. Curtis had his Piper Pawnee out for its maiden flight and all went well. It looks great in the air and the Saito 82 sounds sweet! We did have one mishap today while Bob Meyers was on the buddy box with Arnold. The plane was running out of fuel and they made a landing attempt but overshot the runway and pulled the plane up to go around when it quit, stalled and dropped to the ground. It did some fairly extensive damage. Charles was out at the field today to make a few flights. He wanted to fly his dads Ultimate but a bad battery kept it grounded. See pictures from today attached.

1st Annual Gasser Day

Today was our first annual Gasser day with 8 gas powered planes and one Helicopter. Eric had his gas heli out and did some hovering, the big muffler keeps it a lot quieter than the pitts style mufflers on our planes. The one exception to that is Jerry's Escapade with the new Evolution 15cc gas engine, it sound a lot like a glow motor. Jerry took the Escapade up for a maiden flight and all went well, the plane looks and flies great. I wouldn't mine having one of these! Doug had his Bird Dog out but the engine didn't want to spool up so he didn't fly it. Reagan flew his BIG Stik and his Stearman. After starting the Stearman for a second flight Reagan found the fuel tank leaking. He took the plane apart and all the electronic were dry but he will have some plane maintenance to keep him busy this week. Stacey flew his Yak which really flies great but just doesn't want to land. On his second flight Stacey put a couple clicks of down trim in the radio before his landing approach and he said it landed much better. I had Charles Sukhoi and my new Ultimate out today. Charles didn't make it out so I maidened the Ultimate. It wasn't without issue though. I had fueled the plane earlier and when I tried to start it I couldn't even get a pop. I removed the cowl and finally figured out that I had filled the fuel tank with smoke oil and the smoke tank with gas! Dumb A** After emptying the tanks and refueling I was able to get the engine running so I took her up. The Ultimate flies GREAT and is one of the best landing planes I own. Thanks to Curtis for helping me get it trimmed and to Stacey, Reagan or whoever took the pictures for me. I will be bringing this one out a lot more! Bob Meyers came out late today to try out his rebuilt Cessna, The plane has gotten a little heavier and the old engine is struggling to get it off the ground. She did break ground once but Bob pulled back on the throttle and set it back down. He is going to try some props on it before spending some $$ on a larger engine. I know John "O" and Bill Suter have some gas planes so maybe next year we will have a lot more at the field. See you all next week.

Happy Independence Day

Well we have had two rain free blue sky days in a row, that might be a record for this summer! Only a few people were out this morning I guess due to the heat, but those of us that were there had some great flying weather. I took another plane off my " bucket list" of planes that I haven't flown today but it wasn't perfect. I flew my Focke Wulf 190 and made out OK until the landing, it touched down and rolled 3 feet before flipping over. Nothing was hurt but we noticed there was no canopy so I guess I scared the pilot sometime during the flight and he must have blew the canopy in preparation to jump!. We searched the hill and around the edge of the corn but did not find it. Thanks to Jerry, Kevin and Paul for helping me look. Kevin had his Pete-n-Poke out today flying it like a 3-D aerobat but then again he can do that and make it look easy! Kevin also did a lot of buddy box flying with Paul Williams. Paul is landing his LT-40 but has consistently been hitting the prop killing the engine. After a few bouncy landings today, Paul made four perfect ones. On a calm day he will be ready to solo. The save of the week was today with Paul and Kevin on the buddy box. Paul was making a landing attempt and the plane stalled and bounced turning the plane right into the berm, on the second bounce it went over the berm and Kevin pinned the throttle and hovered it right over the far left flight box just clearing the fence by inches. It looked pretty cool but it would have scared the crap out of anyone flying from that station! We had a guest out today actually a father and son who we talked to a Dover days earlier this year. Chris Helwig took the son up for his first flight and I am pretty sure Dad will be buying a plane soon. If we have 3 days in a row of sunshine I will see you all at the field tomorrow so charge up your batteries and come on out!

Annual Picnic

Today was our spring picnic with about 40 members and family present. The weather didn't cooperate very well with on and off rain showers and grey skies but that didn't stop some of us from getting in a flight or two between showers. Chef Stacey went to work on the grill just
after 11am and there was enough burgers and hotdogs for everyone around noon. The rain didn't stop anyone from enjoying a great lunch. Thanks to Stacey and all those who helped make this a great event. There was at least 3 grand daughters out to day including Reagan's, Stacey's and Tim Fitzwater's. These little girls will all be out here teaching there grandfathers how it should be done in about 10 years! Bill Judd's grandson Tyler came out and flew a couple of Bill planes and "blew off all the cobwebs" I wish my thumbs work like that! Reagan flew the HOTS that he has for sale. The OS 40SF is a screamer! If you want it you better contact Reagan before he takes that engine off and puts it on a Stik! Reagan also flew his Giant Stik today and laid down some smoke trails. He really likes the big bird. John "O" had out his repaired Ultimate and it flies just as good as ever. Tim Fitzwater had so much fun with the maiden flight on his 4 Star 120 yesterday that he brought out a Decathlon for its maiden flight today. All went well even though he had some extra pressure with his wife and family watching! I think Bob Meyers really wants a helicopter, he was glued to Eric's hip all day getting all the information he could get on how to set one up. I'm sure by the end of this summer Bob will be our next Heli flier. I took a lot of pictures today so here is a link to see them.

Breakfast + Flying

We had our monthly breakfast today at Hall's restaurant with a good turnout, unfortunately only three people went out to the field afterwards. There ended up being about eight members that came out today but only three of us made a few flights. There was one mishap today, while
Cliff was attempting to land his Tiger 60, the nose wheel got pushed back breaking the bottom section of the fire wall. it is a easy fix, he can convert it to a tail dragger or just back up the fire wall with a new piece of plywood and epoxy. we had a couple of guests stop out today including Mike Spangler and his 10 year old son Andy. Mike told us he has flown RC before but gave it up a few years ago but wants to get back into it and have someone instruct Andy. Chris Helwig had a trainer with him so he set it up and gave Andy his first flight. I don't think it will take Andy long to learn, he really seems to pay attention to what the plane is doing and having a dad that is a pilot doesn't hurt either! As soon as Mike and Andy get there AMA cards I think they will be joining our club. See you all at the Fun Fly tomorrow if the RAIN holds out! Link to today's pictures